Better medicines for a fair price

Fair Medicine produces medicines according to a new business model, in which transparency and affordability come first. Fair Medicine founder Hans Büller thinks that physicians, patients and social investors ‘should work together’. 


Fair Medicine, how we work

Working together to make good medicines for a fair price



More transparency is needed

FM researcher Simon van der Schans pleads for more transparency when it comes to drugs prices. ‘The cost structure in the pharmaceutical sector is much too complex.’


New insights in the costs of medicines

Because Fair Medicine wants to introduce a new business model for the pharmaceutical industry, we try to analyse the costs of making medicines the classical way. A report of Gupta Strategists, gives more insights.

Coolen wins Challenge

Hein Coolen, who is the Fair Medicine project leader on small molecules,  has won the Best Clinical Trial Protocol Challenge 2018 in the context of the blended course Clinical Development of Paul Janssen Futurelab in Leiden


FM works on Fair Patent

Fair Medicine wants Fair Patent to make the current patent system more transparent and open it up for smaller parties.


Questions on sustainability of bio tech

Analyst of Goldman Sachs are asking serious questions on the sustainability of the bio tech model.


India helps the poor with expensive drug

In India a mix of activists, government, doctors and local medicine products succeeded in lowering the price of sofosbuvir, a costly remedy for hepatitis C.


Together we invest knowledge, time and money to produce better, safe and affordable medicines

Fair Medicine takes it differently than the classic pharmaceutical industry. We work with the coalition model. Patients, doctors, hospitals and pharmacists develop new resources together. Together we invest knowledge, time and money. And we’re transparent about the costs and what’s left at the end of the ride at acceptable profit. This enables us to access safe, effective and affordable medicines for everyone.