The Core Values of Fair Medicine

Fair Medicine Chain
All of the parties in the entire chain of development for a product must commit to one another and share and manage the risks in the development processes, as well as strive to a common objective: a safe, effective and affordable product.

Fair Medicine Share
The parties invest together and are transparent about the project’s efforts, investments and progress. The parties must commit to the full duration of the project. The product developed as a result of the project cannot be sold to another bidder.

Fair Medicine Price
Products must be priced at socially acceptable levels: based on the production costs, with a reasonable period to recoup the investment, costs to guarantee stable operations and a profit margin that falls within a predetermined bandwidth (Fair Medicine bases its efforts on 8-15%). The parties must be transparent about their expenses and margins.

Fair Medicine Value
All of the parties who make investments can share proportionally in the product’s profits, and can realise a socially acceptable return on their investment.