Coolen wins Challenge

Hein Coolen (middle) with the other candidates for the Best Clinical Trial Protocol Challenge.

Hein Coolen, who is the Fair Medicine project leader on small molecules,  has won the Best Clinical Trial Protocol Challenge 2018 in the context of the blended course Clinical Development of Paul Janssen Futurelab in Leiden. For this, he has received the Nomination Letter 2018 for the best clinical protocol for a study on an improved treatment of melanoma. This Letter gives the privilege to apply for an exclusive ZonMW grant of €500.000 that can be used for the execution of this trial. To this purpose, Fair Medicine will establish a dedicated Coalition of several parties that are involved in this research.
‘This grant means a big boost for this melanoma research and for Fair Medicine in general’, Hein Coolen said.

For more about the price and information on the blended course Clinical Development, see